About the Author

Geetha Ravindra

Geetha Ravindra is an attorney, mediator, and trainer with over 20 years of experience in the field of alternative dispute resolution. She served as Director of the Department of Dispute Resolution Services at the Supreme Court of Virginia from 1996 - 2007. She has taught mediation as an Adjunct Professor at the College of William and Mary Law School and the University of Richmond School of Law. She provides mediation and conflict resolution training for state and federal agencies, as well as the World Bank Group. She is currently the Mediator for the International Monetary Fund.

Geetha Ravindra was born in Mysore, India and moved to the U.S. with her parents M.B. and Shantha Veerabhadrappa in 1970. She is married to Dr. P.V. Ravindra and has two children, Lakshmi and Krishna.  Geetha Ravindra is a member of the Board of the Hindu Center of Virginia and teaches a religious studies class for High School students at the Richmond Temple in Richmond, Virginia. 

Family Mediation

Geetha Ravindra has had over 500 hours of mediation skills training and has mediated over 350 family mediation cases involving issues of child custody, visitation, support, and parenting issues.  She has worked with several Indian families dealing with issues of marital discord, separation, and divorce.  She provides consultation to individuals contemplating marriage and to those dealing with difficult issues during marriage. In addition, she offers mediation services to those seeking either to collaboratively resolve marital issues or to terminate the marital relationship.  In her role as mediator, she does not provide legal advice or represent either party as their attorney in legal proceedings.

Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills Training

Geetha Ravindra has provided communication and conflict resolution skills training for state and federal agencies including NASA, the Navy, the Department of Justice Services, Virginia Employment Dispute Resolution, Virginia Department of Health, Virginia Workers Compensation Commission, and the World Bank Group. She provides advanced skills training for mediators on topics including best practices, ethics issues, as well as cultural considerations in mediation. She has provided mediation skills training for attorneys and judges in India. She custom designs training programs to meet the needs of clients and she facilitates strategic planning retreats.